Icewine Niagara F.A.Q.

  1. What is Icewine? – Back to Top

Icewine is a very rare wine in which naturally frozen grapes are harvested from the vine.
While still frozen, the grapes are pressed to producing an exquisitely sweet dessert wine. Icewine is renown for its rich sweet taste and deep golden color. The area around Niagara Falls in Canada is home to many wineries producing the world’s very finest icewines

  1. Why is it named icewine and how is it produced? – Back to Top

The name icewine is used because of a unique harvesting process that only takes place during cold winter months when temperatures have dropped to below minus 8° Celsius for a period of two or three days continuously. At these extreme low temperatures grapes are frozen solid on the vine. Over the course of a typical winter there are numerous freeze-thaw cycles in which temperatures drop to the required level but are not sustained for a period long enough to freeze the entire grape solid. These freeze-thaw cycles add variation and complexity to the wines in a way that simply cannot be replicated by artificial means such as placing grapes in a freezer. Quality icewines are frozen on the vine. Several weeks of fermentation are followed by many months of aging in large barrels. Only then and only under the watchful eye of a master wine maker will the grapes yield this most magical elixir.

  1. Icewine is more expensive than regular wines, why? – Back to Top

Low yields and high associated costs and risks assure that quality icewines will never be inexpensive. Yields from frozen grapes are about 1/10 that of the non-frozen variety. Additionally, costs are high since grapes must be quickly picked and pressed while still frozen. This requires precise timing, rapid deployment and luck since if temperatures rise the resulting vintage cannot be labeled as Icewine. Instead it would be called “late harvest” and sell at a much reduced price from icewine. Harvest time usually involves a frantic mobilization of high priced labour and equipment to a specific field in a very harsh conditions for a limited harvesting window. All of this happens against the backdrop and stark chill of a cold Niagara eve. Indeed the icewine harvest presents a rather surrealistic scene for those hearty individuals at attendance.

  1. What does icewine look like? – Back to Top

Icewine is a very rich and due to its sweetness pours more thickly than other estate bottled wines. Often referred to as “liquid gold”, Icewine generally reveals a gold to deep golden color as it is poured into the glass.

  1. What does icewine taste like? – Back to Top

Unique and wonderfully sweet (high teens to mid-twenties) icewine generally are coaxed to an alcohol content around 10%. Niagara’s microclimate tends to produce an icewine that tastes predominantly of exotic fruit.
However, variations in the climate across the region lead to subtle differences in wines so that apart from exotic fruit each wine has its own distinctive characteristics. Connoisseurs of fine wines are encouraged to fully explore these differences.

  1. How should icewine be served? – Back to Top

Icewine is often served at the end of a meal, not unlike an after diner liqueur and sometimes in place of dessert. Though a matter of personal preference, many suggest chilling for an hour or two prior to serving. The wine may be poured immediately after opening into a liqueur glass. A bottle (375mls) will serve an ounce or two for each of six to eight guests.

  1. Where did icewine originate? – Back to Top

In 1794 in Franconia Germany icewine was originally created. Today, Canada and specifically Niagara is world renown as the best (and biggest) producer of fine icewine. Niagara icewines regularly take gold medals at prestigious international wine competitions.

  1. Does Icewine Niagara produce icewine? – Back to Top

No, Icewine Niagara is a licensed exporter of fine Niagara Icewines. This arrangement allows the company to offer a broad selection of the very best wines.

  1. What are the main differences between Vidal and Riesling Icewines? – Back to Top

Vidal and Riesling are the main two types of grape from which icewines are made. The majority of icewine made in Canada is produced from Vidal grapes which are followed in popularity by Riesling. We also have available some Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Franc icewines.
Vidal grapes are utilized extensively because they are a relatively thick-skinned grape. This offers protection from damage that other varieties are susceptible to as a result of repeated freeze-thaw cycles over the winter season. The process of warming and cooling down, even freezing, adds complexity and character to icewines, so that a hearty grape like Vidal lends itself to production of very high quality icewines. Riesling icewines tend to be a bit lighter on the palate than do Vidals. They are also a little lighter in colour. Generally, they are higher in acidity which tends to reduce the apparent sweetness of the icewine even though sugar code remains very high. Limited amounts of Gewürztraminer and Cabernet Franc icewine are also produced.

  1. How is the wine delivered and how long will it take to receive my order? – Back to Top

The wine is delivered to the address you specify when ordering. The wine is shipped by ground courier or by air and is delivered by courier directly to your door or office. From the time that you place your order until your icewine arrives at your door ranges from approximately three to 10 business days, depending on your location in the continental United States or elsewhere. After you place your order, you will be advised by e-mail of the approximate delivery time of arrival.

  1. Is my order going to be insured? – Back to Top

Yes, all orders shipped are fully insured.
Our price includes all charges:
The wine
Custom fees
Duties and taxes

The price we quote you is the price you pay – there are no extra expenses or hidden charges.

  1. Value Added Items – Back to Top

Our value added program is run in association with our suppliers. It is a way of offering you even more icewines to you. The icewines listed in our showcase are amongst the most well known and are the top sellers with wine connoisseurs around the world. However, there are about 30-40 other vineyards producing icewine in Canada.

If there is a particular brand name icewine that you are in search of or a particular vintage of icewine then please let us know your request by e-mailing us. In turn, we will reply to your e-mail with the results of our search and if you wish to order we will be more than happy to ship your special request. Please note that unique brands and vintage year icewines can be quite rare. We will do our best to fill your request subject to product availability.

E-mail us and let us know if you are in search of a special name brand or vintage year of icewine and we will be glad to provide you with a price for that particular year.

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If you want us to ship to an international destination outside of the United States, simply access our contact us page with your request for the Icewines that you wish to order. All requests will be replied to within 48 hours.

Prices for international shipping are shown in the “drop down” menu on each page. The “Outside Continental USA” prices include Western Europe and Asia other than Hong Kong and Taiwan. For other countries and areas please use our “Contact Us Form”.

  1. Does Icewine Niagara ship to all states? – Back to Top

IcewineNiagara ships to all states except Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Utah as these state laws prohibit the shipment of wine direct to consumers.

  1. Does Icewine Niagara only accept credit card orders? – Back to Top

No, we also accept cheques and money orders made payable to Icewine Niagara. We also accept credit card orders by phone at:

1-905-371-1066 or 1-905-938-8201

Icewine Niagara
4215 Meadowvale, Unit 48
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Canada, L2E 5W8

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