Researching your Country

Research is the most straight forward portion of Evatt to prepare for – it just requires a little bit of time!

When tackling research, we can divide it into three areas: keeping up with the news and picking your stance.


Evatt resolutions are always based in the present. Keep an eye on the news for a good idea of what resolutions we’ll be cooking up.

Picking your stance

Begin by reading the resolution. Each Evatt resolution will always start with a “preamble” that you cannot change (“amend”) but that includes a bunch of helpful hints about the issue. Especially check out past UN Security Council resolutions cited in the preamble. Next, brief yourself on the issue. Remember, what matters is not how much research you get but how you apply what you got.

The next step is to ask yourself what principles are at stake in the resolution: does it infringe on sovereignty? Does it promote human rights? Or possibly poverty reduction? Understanding the principle will help you understand what your country would say about the resolution (if it isn’t obvious from your research on the topic).

If you’re still stuck trying to figure out your stance, try to fill out the first page of this Stance Worksheet for each resolution (and check out the Country Briefs!). Think about:

  • What involvement has your country had in the issue, or issues with the same principle?
  • Who are your country’s major allies, and what is their stance?
  • Does this resolution meet with your country’s national identity (i.e. religion, priorities, ideals, etc.)?
  • What method would your country prefer to solve this problem (i.e. diplomatic methods, sanctions, use of force, etc.)?
  • How would this resolution affect decisions in the future?
  • Is there something that can be changed about the resolution that would make it more in line with your national interests?

Write up some proposed changes from your nation’s perspective in advance with our handy Amendment Form. If you want even more information, check out your country’s UN mission website.



How to Win

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